Aqua Ultra Classes Terms and conditions

One month’s written notice is required in the event of terminating your Aqua Zumba Class at Splashing Stars Swim School. You can either send us an email ( or a WhatsApp message on 072 907 3899 to give notice. If you do not give us one month’s written notice you will still be liable to pay for one month’s class fees. We have monthly expenses that need to be paid to keep our doors open. Monthly rent paid to the Splashing Stars building’s rental space, monthly salary, monthly contribution to electricity, water, chlorine, and cleaning detergents and the use of the swim school’s pool noodles/equipment. Please note that if you enter our swimming pool and take either a class or a trial class with us, you are automatically agreeing to these terms and conditions as set out in this document, and you are bound by these terms and conditions as well as our safety precautions.

We will try our best to do replacement classes where possible if you we are ill and could not provide you with a class. We make a certain number of classes available to you during a 12-month period, and should you not be able to attend a class due to any other reason we are not liable to provide you with a catchup/replacement class. It is your responsibility to keep track of any classes that you’ve missed and to communicate this to Tina at least two days in advance of needing or wanting a replacement class. Our fees stay the same for 12 months per year. If you miss a class, the fees remain the same per month. No discount will be given for classes missed. If Tina is absent for any reason, she will try her very best to give you a replacement lesson.

No missed classes will be carried over to the next term. We will try our best to do replacement classes within the current term. Please remember it is NOT compulsory for us to give you replacement classes.

Please arrive 5min before the class commences. Kindly do not enter the building or the swimming pool more than 5 minutes before the class start time. There are swimmers or other classes who’s time slots might end only 5 minutes prior the your class start time.

Please do not dive from the ladder/step. Kindly sanitize before entering the pool. You are welcome to enter the pool 5 minutes before class starts. Please be considerate of others in class and keep a safe distance when dancing in the water. Kindly exit the portable swimming pool one person at a time via the provided stainless steel ladder. No person is allowed to jump from the ladder into the pool.

 Costume/Water Aerobics attire, towel, warm clothes, water bottle (only aluminum or plastic, no glass bottles please). Please note that with our NEW SWIMMING POOL arriving later this year (2022) unfortunately NO AQUA shoes will be allowed inside the swimming pool. We suggest using a swimming cap to keep your head warm during winter. 

You are welcome to use the white plastic container boxes to store your belongings. Please keep your belongings safe and secure as we cannot provide lockers.

 If you would like to purchase any of our products, please send Tina a WhatsApp on Tel. 072 907 3899 to make payment.

Please note that NO IOU’s are allowed at the cafeteria. Only cash is accepted at the cafeteria

 No dogs or pets are allowed inside our building. Our pool is made from PVC and therefore a dog can bite a hole in the pool.

No smoking or the use of alcohol is allowed inside our building

Please note that 90% of all swimming schools where Aqua Zumba is practiced are closed on public holidays, but we are OPEN to give you more value for your money. We are OPEN on all public holidays during the school terms except Easter Weekend we are closed. We are closed during school holidays. Please note that class times may change on Public Holidays, but we will always try our very best to keep to the original class time. Class time changes will be sent to you via a class alert WhatsApp.

Please note that our Aqua Zumba classes are primarily adult classes, and a special arrangement can be made for teenagers who would like to join our classes. However, a young and fit teenager will not experience the same fitness exercise as this is not a high-energy class. Please keep this in mind as the class can be beneficial for those who have problems with their joints or who have had a previous injury and have recovered. Please always consult your physician or GP before taking part in any of our classes should you be pregnant, have high blood pressure, had sustained an injury or have been for an operation, or if you have any heart disease or asthma.

 Please save Tina’s number because we use WhatsApp broadcast list to communicate with all our clients. If you don’t save Tina’s number, then the WhatsApp won’t go through to you.

Swimmer’s Ear is an infection in the outer ear canal, which runs from your eardrum to the outside of your head. It’s often brought on by water that remains in your ear after swimming, creating a moist environment that aids bacterial growth. Please be sure to dry out your ears with a tissue after every class.

Tina Serfontein

Tina has completed her Zumba qualification (B1 Training) as well as her Aqua Zumba fitness programme through Zumba (international). She is a registered and licensed instructor. Tina also completed her CPR course in 2021. She is currently busy with her training with Swim Dynamics Instructor training to teach swimming lessons. She has a passion for fitness and a heart for people.

There will be small annual fees increase on 1 June 2022, alternatively Tina will move this to either 1 July or 1 August 2022.

40-minute class: R280 for two classes per week. R220 for one class per week (Ultra classes are R350 for twice a week and R270 for once per week). This amount is paid monthly in advance. Please see the structure of our yearly fees to explain why we are closed for the holidays but still charge the above-mentioned amount monthly.

Tina is available on certain dates to provide Aqua Zumba classes at Private Events or Functions, whether it would be a fitness and health event or a senior class, fun and fitness fundraising event, or stand-in for a class in the Cape Town area. For private class hire contact Tina on Tel. 072 907 3899.

Our Aqua Zumba fees is R840 per school term for twice per week and R660 per term for once per week. We have divided the termly fees by 3 months to work out a monthly fees amount. It’s R280 per month for twice per week and R220 per month for once per week. We only accept monthly payments and not termly payments. Our fees stay the same for 12 months per year as we pay rent, salaries, pool maintenance, electricity, pool chemicals, water etc every month. We trust that our clients will be understanding and will support Aqua Zumba at Splashing Stars just as much as we will be supporting all our clients during 2022. We would love to keep our doors open and provide quality classes to you. Some months you will have 2,3,4 or 5 lessons depending on the school holidays for clients paying R220 per month. Some months you will have 4,6,8, or 10 lessons depending on the school holidays for clients paying R280 per month. Therefore we don’t charge you per lesson, we only take the termly fees and divide it by 3 to get a monthly fees. We are closed during School holidays, but we are OPEN on all public holidays during the school term except for Easter Weekend we are closed. We also try to accommodate everyone who missed a class due to any reason so that you get the most value for your money. Please remember that it is not compulsory for us to give you replacement classes if you are absent, but we will try our best to accommodate everyone where we can.

Unfortunately, no cash or cheques are accepted for class fees. Only EFTs are allowed for fees payments. It’s safer for you and us to have proof of payment on both our statements to keep track. This creates no place for confusion between us. You don’t have to send me any proof of payment. I will check my statements monthly and tick off all the payments that come through. Also, we do not send out messages via broadcast (except in an emergency) via WhatsApp or provide you with a bill or invoice. It is your responsibility to pay your class fees upfront. We reserve the right to pause any classes if no payment was made or no proof of payment was provided in time.

The responsibility of the instructor begins when the client enters the water at the beginning of their class and ends once the client has completed the class and vacated the water. You are therefore responsible for your own safety while on the premises of Splashing Stars on Merchant Walk Street, Duynefontein. Please note very carefully that our facility is a swim school, which means that the floors can be slippery and wet. Take care when walking as well as when you are climbing onto the ladder to enter or exit the pool. Should you at any stage feel unsafe, please inform Tina immediately. Also, should you feel unwell during a fitness class, please stop immediately and alarm the person next to you and Tina that you are unwell. Make sure that you drink plenty of fluids (water) throughout the Aqua Zumba session/class. You hereby agree and are binding to this agreement that neither Tina Serfontein (ID: 8812120142088) nor the owner of Splashing Stars (Nicolaas Wilhelmus Serfontein) can or will be held liable for any injuries sustained or any accidental death that might occur at or on the premises of Splashing Stars Swim School in Merchant Walk Street, Duynefontein.