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What we offer

We are a premier learn-to-swim facility for kids aged 2 to 12 years. Our children’s swimming lessons are specifically designed to make learning and swimming fun!

Exciting news! We also offer Aqua Ultra Classes for all adults!

Swimming Lessons

Water safety

Stroke Correction

Squad Galas

Aqua Ultra Classes


Our Approach

We believe that each child is unique and learns in a unique way, and that is why we teach in a holistic style to build confidence and life skills. We use play-based learning as well as adapting our teaching style to suit the child’s personality and learning needs. Our teaching style is not one-size fits all. Some children can have an intense fear of water, whilst others jump right in. We work with each individual child and help them progress at the right tempo. That means that your child will be pushed gently to excel to the next level. Our portable swimming pool is quite unique, and the little ones might enjoy it more than a conventional swimming pool as it can seem like a ‘big bath’ which makes the introduction to the water a smooth and easy transition.

Once our little swimmers are water safe, we start teaching them more advanced strokes and techniques to prepare them for galas. We have an in-house swimming gala, and we also compete in a friendly gala-match against other local swim schools.

What can you expect?

It is ‘happy-hour’ for kids (and parents)!

Let’s face it, kids need activity to grow and learn. Here are some benefits to letting your child or children enjoy time in the pool:

Only 8 reasons listed, and the list goes on! Our swimming pool is also a mineral pool, which means that we use a limited amount of chlorine and a bio-friendly mineral pool sanitizer which is wonderful for eyes, skin and lungs.

Enrol your child/children now for the best splashing exercise in town!

How to enrol

4 easy steps to enrol for swimming lessons

Step 1

Send a WhatsApp to Nicky on
071 500 6441

Step 2

Nicky will get back to you with available time slots. Select your desired timeslot.

Step 3

Payment upfront/in advance, and Nicky will provide you with the banking details.

Step 4


What our clients have to say...

Ann Hsu Bester

“They create a trustworthy environment & let the children conquer their fear of water. My two girls are very happy to go to swimming lessons every time. Both Nicky & Adele are great teachers”

Sara-Jayne Willicott

“This is an amazing place to get your little one’s water safe & swimming confidently. I would highly recommend them to anyone. I’m always amazed at how much they’ve been able to teach my child all the different strokes she can do now.”

Dylan Pottow

“Super patient teachers and thoroughly committed to the children’s development with great overall results”

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