Our Aqua Ultra Demo Class


In November a team of Aqua enthusiasts can join Tina for their very first DEMO CLASS! Get ready to be hyped up and dance as the music is pumping. Tina will share her 6-step core exercise routine while a photographer will snap a few good pics of us.

We will have more opportunities for demo classes in the future and you are welcome to request a spot in the swimming pool for just such an occasion. Simply send Tina a WhatsApp on 072 907 3899.

What is a demo class you might ask? This is an opportunity for us as instructors to showcase our latest choreography to new or existing clients and try out a few new ‘cool’ moves in the pool before we release it to the rest of the classes.

It is also an opportunity for us to provide a catch-up for those who need a catch-up class, and we make the best of this time by bringing in a photographer who can snap away to get pics for our marketing.

Demo classes must be booked 1-month in advance and most of the time takes place on a Saturday. We are super keen on providing more demo class opportunities to all our Aqua Ultra Clients in the future.