General Terms and conditions

 One month written notice is required in the event of terminating your child’s swimming lessons. You can either send us an email or a WhatsApp to give notice. If you do not give us one month’s written notice you will still be liable to pay for one month after your child has stopped swimming with us. We have monthly expenses that need to be paid in order to keep our doors open. Monthly rent of our building, monthly salaries, monthly electricity, water, chlorine, sweets, toys and cleaning detergents.

 We will try our best to do replacement lessons for your children if they are absent. Some swimming schools DON’T do replacement lessons at all but we want to put in extra effort to give you more value for your money. Please note that we are just doing you a favour for doing replacement lessons and it is NOT compulsory for us to give your children replacement lessons. We are paid for our time for being available to give lessons to your children whether they are present or not present. Our fees stay the same for 12 months per year. If your child misses a lesson the fees still remains the same per month. No discount will be given if your child misses a lesson.

 No missed lessons will be carried over to the next term. We will try our best to do replacement lessons within the current term. Please remember it is NOT compulsory for us to give your children replacement lessons.

 Please arrive 5min before your child’s lesson to ensure your child gets a full lesson. If you do arrive late we can only go 5min over time to help you out. We cannot go longer than 5min over your child’s lesson time because there are other children swimming directly after your child

We will give all parents and all children the utmost respect. Please tell your children to respect all teachers as well.

 goggles, swimming cap, costume, towel, warm clothes

 It is very important that this area remains quiet enough for swimmers to concentrate during lessons. Please note no children may enter through the small gate to the swimming pool before it is their turn for swimming.

 If you would like to purchase any of our products please send Nicky a WhatsApp to make an order. You can pay via EFT or cash for our products.

Please note that NO IOU’s are allowed at the cafeteria. Only cash is accepted at the cafeteria.

No dogs or pets are allowed inside our building. Our pool is made from PVC and therefore a dog can bite a hole in the pool.

 No smoking or the use of alcohol is allowed inside our building.

 Please note that 90% of all swimming schools are closed on public holidays but we are OPEN to give you more value for your money. We are OPEN on all public holidays during the school terms except Easter Weekend we are closed.

 If your child is not potty trained , they must wear a swimming nappy and a costume over their nappy , before entering the pool.

Please save Nicky’s number (071 500 6441) because we use WhatsApp broadcast list to communicate with all parents. If parents don’t save Nicky’s number then the WhatsApp won’t go through to you. Please communicate with Nicky on WhatsApp for any questions etc. Unfortunately no parents may communicate with Adele or Tina on WhatsApp, this is because it causes miscommunication between us. If you want to send a message to Adele or Tina then Nicky will forward your message to them.

 Parents should please practise at home with your children in the bath, to encourage them to submerge their face under water . You can even just sprinkle water over their head, just to get use to the feeling of water on their head and face. This will speed up the progress of your child’s development in their swimming lessons.

Swimmer’s Ear is an infection in the outer ear canal , which runs from your eardrum to the outside of your head. It’s often brought on by water that remains in your ear after swimming, creating a moist environment that aids bacterial growth. Please be sure to dry out your child’s ears with a tissue after every swimming lesson and after every bath or shower.

A child needs at least 1 month to get use to their new swimming teacher and the new surroundings. Please be patient with your child if they are a bit nervous or crying the first few lessons. Once your child has warmed up to their teacher and the pool area they will start enjoying the lessons.

Nicky Serfontein

Nicky is the owner of Splashing Stars. Nicky is qualified with Swimming South Africa (LTS certificate) and with Swimming Teachers Association (STA baby swimming certificate ) which is internationally recognized in 33 countries. He is also a qualified Coach with Swimming South Africa (Level 1 certificate) Nicky has a Bronze Life-Saving certificate. He swam for the Namibian Junior National Team against Brazil, South Africa, Reunion, and Zimbabwe in 2001. He has 19 years’ experience in swimming. He swam competitively for 7 years and has been teaching children how to swim the past 12 years full time. He came 3rd in South Africa in the 50m Breaststroke at the South African Junior Championship at the age of 15 years old. He has a First Aid certificate. He has been involved in teaching over 1000 children in the past 12 years.

Adele Erasmus

Adele has been teaching children how to swim the past 6 years full time. She is qualified with Swimming South Africa (LTS certificate) She also has a first aid certificate. Adele loves doing marathons and triathlons. She has participated in the Comrades, Iron Man and many other marathons.

Tina Serfontein

Tina and Nicky are husband and wife since 2019. Tina is involved in the digital marketing for Splashing Stars. Tina has also recently started teaching swimming at Splashing Stars under the supervision of Nicky as a trainee swimming teacher, so that she can received her Swim Dynamics Approval. Nicky has trained Tina to teach swimming the same way he does. She is currently busy with her training with Swim Dynamics Instructor training and has completed both her practical and theoretical training. She also has her CPR certificate. Tina also currently gives Aqua Ultra classes for adults. Tina loves children and has a passion for life.

All the teachers at Splashing Stars receives in house training by Nicky Serfontein. Therefore, all the teachers use the same advanced teaching methods and techniques to teach the children. All the teachers follow the same weekly programme at Splashing Stars. Therefore your child will receive the same quality from every teacher.

 There will be a small annual fees increase on 1 February every year.

Please ask for an updated form from us via WhatsApp on 071 500 6441

15min : R190 for the first month for new clients only in certain seasons only. After that it is R520 from the second month onwards per child per month for once per week for 15min one on one.

30 min/2 x 15min : R400 for the first month for new clients only in certain seasons only. After that it is R800 from the second month onwards per child per month for twice per week or for one double lesson per week.

In the beginning we use to charge parents a termly fees, but some parents could not afford a once- off amount like that. Therefore, we took the termly fees and divided it by three to make it easier for people to budget. So, whether you pay per term or per month it is the same amount. We only accept monthly payments now and not termly payments anymore. We don’t charge per lesson; we only take the termly fees and divide it by 3 months. Some months your child will receive 2,3,4 or 5 lessons but the fees remain the same every month. The fees always stay the same per month for 12 months per year. If your child swims once per week for 15min then the fees is R520 x 12 months. If your child swims twice per week then it is R800 x 12 months. Therefore, in some months your child will only receive 2 lessons due to School holidays. 90% of all swimming schools are closed during public holidays but we are OPEN to give you more value for your money. We are closed during School holidays, but we are OPEN on all public holidays during the school term except for Easter Weekend we are closed. We also try to accommodate everyone who missed a lesson due to sickness or not being present for any reason so that you get the most value for your money. If any of our teachers are absent, we will give you a replacement lesson or cash back.

Unfortunately, no cash or cheques are accepted for fees. Only EFTs are allowed for fees payments. It’s safer for you and us to have proof of payment on both our statements to keep track. This creates no place for confusion between us. You don’t have to send me any proof of payment. I will check my statements monthly and tick off all the payments that come through.

Cash deposits: If you make a cash deposit you are liable to pay the cash deposit fees as well. Splashing Stars is Not liable to pay the cash deposit fees.

The responsibility of the instructor begins when the student enters the water at the beginning of their lesson and ends once the pupil has completed the lesson and vacated the water. The parent/ guardian is responsible for the safety and supervision of the pupil at all times, while on the premises of Splashing Stars on Merchant Walk Street, Duynefontein.