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Swimming is not only a fun activity and exercise. It is also a life-saving skill!

Your child deserves to have an amazing swimming experience in a safe and fun environment! Our swimming lessons are designed to make learning enjoyable and easy for beginner to advanced swimmers from kids aged 2 to 12 years.

Swimming lessons
Water safety lessons

Water safety

It is estimated that 1500 people drown annually in South Africa. Of these drownings, almost 500 reported deaths occurred in children under the age of 10 years. Getting your child water safe is our first priority. When a child falls into an unsupervised swimming pool, we believe and have experienced that children who are taught to blow bubbles as a first response to being ‘water safe’, end up choking.

We therefore teach your child to safely hold their breath, and swim to the side of the pool, where they can climb out by themselves. We follow a very strict level system which was carefully curated by owner, Nicolaas Serfontein.

According to this level system, once your child reaches a ‘safe’ level, we then teach them to blow bubbles, and move over to the four swimming strokes. Whilst it is wonderful for parents to see their children mastering strokes, our priority is to get your child water safe and water confident, so that you can allow your children to play outside near a pool without the constant worry of supervision.

Stroke correction

Our aim is to provide a quality training programme where your child can be taught all four main swimming strokes (butterfly, breaststroke, freestyle and backstroke). Once your child has reached a water safe level, they will then follow our training level system where they need to complete each certificate successfully in order to move to the next level. We aim for perfect strokes, speedy kicks and a professional glide, keeping in mind that swimming must be fun. 

Stroke correction lessons
Squad Galas

Squad Galas

Once a term our swimmers can take part in a competitive swimming gala hosted by Splashing Stars Swim School. We compete against local swim schools so that our squad swimmers have the opportunity to test their swimming skills against swimmers from other swim schools.

Aqua Ultra Classes

Splash your way into shape with an invigorating low-impact aquatic exercise!

Join the Tribe that’s got the Vibe for a high energy, low impact water workout that is bound to leave you feeling fit, refreshed, and revived! We offer Aqua Zumba® and much more!

Ultra Aqua Classes Summer bodies

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